Nutmeg Consulting

Why Nutmeg Consulting

Services We Offer

  • Desktop Management

    Standardizing on hardware and software reduces overall support costs.

  • Security

    Security is more than just a firewall. Nutmeg Consulting can help you understand your vulnerabilities and harden your network.

  • Mobile Workforce

    Secure, reliable and affordable connections over the Internet from office-to-office and for teleworkers are possible with VPNs.

  • Web Development

    Web development and design integrated with your business goals and workflow.

  • Networks

    Including: design and implementation, user authentication, web content filtering, network monitoring, updated virus protection, VPNs.

Solutions We’ve Built and Love

Tools We Use, Support and Endorse

Featured Solution: LightSwitch


We take care of the details; you just have to turn on the lights. (More)